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*** Like any suction cup, it works best with non-porous surfaces. Will not work on porous stone such as travertine. It will last nearly forever on glass, mirror, and smooth tile. However, surfaces like brushed stainless steel, copper, and some plastic shower surrounds, are actually slightly porous. On these slightly porous surfaces, the suction only lasts for a few hours to a day. Plenty long enough to have your drink in the shower, but it will not stay for days like truly non-porous surfaces. This is true for all suction cups, even though ours is the highest quality. Sturdiness also depends on your application.

SipCaddy is the only portable cupholder in the world that also holds wine glasses! Attach it to any smooth surface for an instant drink butler for your beer or wine vessel of choice, or for many other household items. It uses the highest quality suction cup available, American made, and rated at 7 lbs strength when applied correctly to a nonporous surface. 

Designed and developed by a small team of drinking enthusiasts, architects, and designers, extensively prototyped with 3D printing, SipCaddy is now available worldwide. Here's to your next showerbeer and showerwine!

Not intended for use with glass vessels. Strength depends on application. Please test the application before use, and always use SipCaddy responsibly.

SipCaddy is fully patented by Tech and Goods, Inc.

It's a great time to be a beer drinker, but also the most confusing, thanks to the dizzying array of available draft beers. Expert Joshua M. Bernstein comes to the rescue with The Complete Beer Course, demystifying brews and breaking down the elements that make beer's flavor spin into distinctively different and delicious directions. Structured around a series of easy-to-follow classes, his course hops from lagers and pilsners to hazy wheat beers, Belgian-style abbey and Trappist ales, aromatic pale ales and bitter IPAs, roasty stouts, barrel-aged brews, belly-warming barley wines, and mouth-puckering sour ales. There is even a class on international beer styles and another on pairing beer with food and starting your own beer cellar. Through suggested, targeted tastings, you'll learn when to drink down-and when to dump those beers down a drain.

10oz Life is Brewtiful Dark Heather T-shirt. 6.1 oz made of 50% Polyester 50% cotton. Shoulder-to-shoulder taping.

Kollea beer sticks are made with advanced cooling technology and high quality of stainless steel cooling liquid itself inside, these two key components make your cold drink stay cold up to 30 minutes! The neck is made from a strong rubber which allows the Cozy Stick to seal tightly around most bottle tops, leak free!

Awesome for Backyard BBQ's, Parties, Game Night and or any of your Celebrations & Gatherings! Kollea beer chillers are 100% FDA compliant, eco-friendly and BPA free so welcome for the celebrate day! And unlike ice cubes, the beer chill stick will not water down your soda pop, beer or any other beverage! It fit for most standard long neck beer bottles, at least 8.5" tall, and drink right through it. Also it works awesome in plastic water bottles!

Requires freezing before the using!

Package Includes:
Set of 2 Beer Chillers

Mr Beer’s Premium Gold Edition complete home brewing Kit provides aspiring brewers with our patented brewing equipment and high-quality ingredients that simplify the Homebrewing process Our patented brewing system includes a compact lightweight fermenter that is modeled after the design of professional brewing equipment Eleven 25 oz Reusable and shatterproof bottles that are specially designed for carbonating beer We also Include a can of brewing extract - a concentrated form of all natural malted barley and hops - produced in a state-of-the-art facility by Australia's oldest family owned brewery as well as no-rinse Cleanser and unique carbonation drops to simplify the sanitization and carbonation process

The Beer holster classic is the perfect beer gift for men of all ages. if you are looking for a truly special beer gift for men that is both useful and fun, then the beer holster classic is the perfect choice. It will provide many years of great use and become an indispensable accessory for "men tasks" Of all kind.

* Material: ABS
* Item Type: Cap Zappa - Bottle Opener & Cap Shooter
* Openers Type: Bottle Openers
* Size: Approx. 2cm x 12cm x 19cm
* Color: Random
Package Included:
* 1 x Bottle Opening Cap Launcher

Red Beer & Soda Drinking Helmet by EZ Drinker.
These beer helmets hold two beverages and allow you to drink your beverage without hands! The perfect accessory for tailgating, the beach, a house party, or just watching TV with friends!
One size fits most. Manufactured with quality by Blue Ridge Product Solutions LLC, and includes a 1 year warranty for any damage or defects.

This puzzle will securely "lock" a beer bottle into place such that it cannot be opened until you solve the puzzle. Its quite tricky. Best to try sober...  Put it on your home bar and watch the fun or give it as a gift with his/her favorite beer trapped inside.

Beer soap makes a great gift for your favorite beer drinker, homebrewer, or yourself! It lathers well and is a great soap for your hands, face, body, hair, and for shaving. A great gift for guys and for gals, our beer soap is not only fun, it's actually a high-quality soap that smells great!
There are nine awesome scents to choose from:
Oatmeal Stout - Amazingly delicious beer soap that smells like oatmeal stout beer, crushed oats, honey, and milk... don't eat it!
Hoppy IPA - This soap is made with IPA beer and ground hops, giving it a spicy, herbal, and earthy scent.
Vanilla Porter - Made with porter beer and vanilla, this one gives notes of vanilla, brown sugar, and blackberry.
Apricot Wheat - Made with apricot wheat beer and walnuts. It gives off scents of apricot, spice, and malt.
Belgian Witbier - Soap made with Belgian Witbier, orange peel, and coriander. This one smells spicy, citrusy, and sweet!
Honey Pilsner - Made with pilsner beer, honey, and crushed oats, this one has a scent with notes of vanilla, honey, and melon.
Breakfast Stout - Who says beer isn't for breakfast? This delicious-smelling soap incorporates notes of maple syrup, cinnamon, waffles, and fresh-roasted coffee beans - you will think twice about mimosas this weekend. Mid-morning nap not included!
Hard Cider - This cider soap is made with real hard cider. It's juicy, fresh, and sweet - like a crate of ripe apples in a rustic farmhouse.
Tropical Lager - With notes of pineapple, coconut, and cilantro, this soap will transport you to a sunny tropical island - but you're in charge of bringing the cooler!

How Beer Saved the World (How Beer Saved the World)
Did you know that Beer was critical to the birth of civilization? Or that it played a crucial role in the building of the pyramids, the founding of America, the industrial revolution, and advancements in medicine. That s right - Beer. Scientists and historians line up to tell the amazing, untold story that puts beer at the center of the human civilization. Until almost modern times, it wasn t just a drink - beer was vital to life. Where water contained deadly bacteria, beer was safe, as the fermentation killed the germs. It was drunk by men, women and children for large period of history, and inspired great moments in human history. Louise Pasteur was studying beer when he discovered Germ theory the basis of modern medicine. Bottling plants invented factory lines and stopped child labor. The Medieval Church became so rich making beer, that kings had to ban them from producing it. And it was vital to the birth of America from the moment the Mayflower stopped in Plymouth because it had run out of beer. In the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

How Stuff Works (2x60 Reversion) (Beer Connoisseurs)
Beer has become a billion dollar industry characterized simultaneously by its down-home reputation and continuing innovation in flavor. Everyone from backyard brewing enthusiasts to the industry giants continue to push the limits of flavor development and technology in beer production. Beer s more than just a good time; it s the science project of your dreams.

Emeril Green (Season 2)
Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse joins Planet Green in EMERIL GREEN. Lagasse shares how the best meals start with high-quality produce, seafood and meats, and helps families get inspired by using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Shot on location at Whole Foods Market®, Lagasse works with everyday cooks who have real culinary challenges. He enlists the help of the knowledgeable team at Whole Foods Market® and other experts to hand pick the best ingredients for every recipe, turning ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences. Faced with questions about quality, cost, taste and even some daunting food dares, Lagasse helps viewers conquer their culinary fears with an open mind and a healthy curiosity.

What's Brewing?
Did you know that 9 million six-packs of beer are home-brewed annually? With the sales of organic beer doubling in 3 years, beer is not just for drinking anymore. Jason s hobby is brewing beer. He d love to learn some entertaining recipes that will highlight his home brew. Chef Emeril will start him off with a light and citrusy Asian Style Mussels Meuniere. Sure to be a crowd pleaser, Emeril s Favorite Choucroute Casserole. A Raspberry Wheat Ale is delicious used in a dressing for a Mixed Baby Greens With Goat Cheese Salad. And for dessert, Espresso Amber Ale Ice Cream With Dark Chocolate Honey Sauce.

Oooh Yeah Socks are quickly becoming a fashion staple, that is, if you like fashion that comes with comfort. Our designs range from an evoking keen sense of individual style to your most inner bold personality. We focus on nostalgic and current trends, taking the novelty sock game to a new level. While our SOCK IT UP Socks feeds the fashion demand...... for those sock lovers that create trends. Our designs are based on current fashion textiles and America prints that tie us to our many roots. We take pride in our brand, designs, and the success of our retailers.