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Running in cold weather can be tough. I should know; I have been running in sub-freezing temperatures, even sub-zero temps for many years. In such conditions, you obviously want to keep warm. But, at the same time, you need to make sure you do not sweat too much, which could mean a really cold latter portion of your run or worse. The best thing to do is layer up and keep the wind off your bare skin. Below you will find some great products to help you keep comfortable while you are running in frigid weather.

In anything below about 20 degrees, you are going to want an additional layer underneath your pants. This baselayer is a perfect option.

Winter gear : Thermal fleece lined Pants are designed for Warmth.

If you prefer a looser fit, go up a size.

Flat-lock seam
It promotes excellent comfort and protection.

Early recovery
After workout, it will help you get well by controlling blood flow and preventing being swollen.

Shield Ultraviolet rays
This safeguards your skin from ultraviolet rays by more than 99%(UPF 50+) in the outdoor activities.

Deodorization function
Deodorization function do not leave us unpleasant smell behind from sweat and dust.

These underwear are a lifesaver in cold and windy weather. There is no more need for a third sock (if you can figure out what that is for) with these windproof underwear. Not only do I use these anytime I put on my running tights, but also anytime the temps get below about 45 degrees and I am running with shorts.

I recommend these tights as an outer layer. I will run with just these and my underwear down to about 20 degrees. At that point, I add a baselayer of the tights listed above.

Designed with soft fleece and breathable fabric, Baleaf Men's Thermal Tights offers you long lasting warmth and comfort during your work-out on cold winter days.

This Patagonia baselayer is expensive, but it is worth it. I have five of these and wear them all the time, both as a base or outer layer while running and as a warm baselayer when I am hanging around the house, going out, or even heading to the office. Two of mine I have been wearing most winter days for eight years now, and they are still as good as new. 

For running, I will wear one of these as my only top when the weather is in the 40s. I add extra layers over it as the weather gets colder.

Patagonia's Long-Sleeved Capilene Daily T-Shirt is a stretchy baselayer for everyday wear, designed to provide stay-cool, nonbunching comfort. Uncommon qualities like Fair Trade Certified sewing and 50-UPF sun protection make Patagonia's new Capilene Daily styles something out of the ordinary. The fabric has the wicking-performance backbone of Capilene polyester, but in a stretchier, regular fit most suited to everyday pursuits, work or play.

A windproof vest is essential for running in any temps below 40 degrees. And I occasionally wear mine on a windy day in the 40s as well. This makes a great outer layer down to about 0 degrees. 

Nike Polyfill Men's Running Vest keeps you running through the seasons with low-profile insulation and water repellency. It is lightweight and durable making it the perfect layering piece.

This heavier base layer is great for when the temperature gets below freezing. I will wear the Capilene base layer listed above with this over it and then vest on top. It keeps me warm, but not sweaty. And if I do misjudge the weather or heat up, I can always unzip at the neck to regulate my body temperature.

Columbia Mens Midweight II Long Sleeve Half Zip Baselayer Top

Inexpensive gloves like these are great for any temperature below about 50 degrees. And I find that they keep my hands warm down into the single digits. It is also handy to have a pack of 12 so that when one or two inevitably get lost in the wash, I do not have to spend precious minutes tracking down the errant glove.

Economically priced, the string knit gloves from UltraSource have a soft cotton blended with tough polyester to provide seamless comfort and excellent thermal properties.

When the temps dip into the low single digits or a nasty wind is blowing, I like to put on these warm and windproof gloves. These things almost keep your hands too warm on even the coldest days.

More Details ❄ Material: lycra fabric, electric shock cloth, conductive cotton ❄ The touch conductive cotton is applied newest research technology, which will never damage the screen. ❄ The finger and palm part is applied the silica gel anti-skip design, which is not easy to fall. ❄ It is made of highly elastic knitting woolen materials, which is flexible and comfortable to operate. ❄ The finger part is applied the 3D tailoring, which fits close the hand. It is quite elastic flexible at ease. ❄ Applicable: riding, driving, running and other outdoor sports ❄ Size: S(palm width 7 to 8 cm) / M(palm width 8 to 9 cm) / L(palm width 9 to 10 cm) ❄ Item Color: Black Your satisfaction is our top priority. if you have any problems after delivery please feel free to contact us through the Amazon Email System and we will do our best to serve you.

I usually wear the same socks when I am running, whether it is 20 degrees or 90. But if it starts to get into the single digits, you will see me digging through my sock drawer finding a precious pair of these warmer socks.

About Oberm
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1. Size: women's shoes 4.5-8.5US/35-40EU size, men's shoes 6-10.5US/39-44EU size
2. Fabric: Combed Cotton 80% + Polyester 8% + Spandex 12% 
3. Packing include: Three pairs of socks 
4. Fit seasons: Suitable for all seasons, not only for winter.
5. Polyester's superior moisture management lifts sweat from the skin for quick evaporation.
6. The hiking socks keep your feet warm without making them sweat, help you avoid blisters during your hiking, running or other outdoor sports.

Whenever it is windy or gets below about 20 degrees, I toss on a thin balaclava like this one in addition to my beanie hat.

The best balaclava to stay warm and comfortable this season while protecting your face from harsh wind, rain and cold. Order now before this special price ends!

Size :43 *24.5 cm (FIT ALL)
Products include :1*mask (Black)

MULTIPURPOSE: The face mask balaclava Used for skiing, hunting, motorcycling, climbing, running, hiking, paintballing and many other outdoor activity that exposes you to the elements.

MULTIFARIOUS WEAR METHOD: Our balaclava Can be worn as an open or closed balaclava, scarf, hat or face mask, also with the chin dropped or as a neck gaiter for greater ventilation. It can be used on its own or as extra face protection under your helmet.

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I never have enough of these types of comfortable, warm, and versatile beanie hats. I wear them running in any temperature below about 40 degrees. They also make great hats for just about anything else you are doing. In fact - no joke - I am wearing one now as I type this in my drafty office.