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Help your students take notes, write papers, send emails, and do all sorts of other computer tasks efficiently and easily with this dictation tool.


Transcribe, Edit and Write All by Voice

Dragon Dictate for Mac, version 4 is the ultimate productivity tool that enables you to save time and get more done. Dictate, edit, transcribe and control your computer all by using your voice. Dragon’s accurate speech recognition, customizable capabilities, easy-to-use interface and full transcription flexibility means you get more done — at home, school or work — quickly and accurately. Dragon Dictate for Mac, version 4 now includes the powerful capability to accurately transcribe an audio file of any single speaker’s voice from podcasts or pre-recorded audio files. You now get accurate and fast speech recognition, plus versatile transcription capabilities all in one. ***NOTE: A Nuance approved noise-canceling headset microphone is included in the purchase.

I don't know what it is about magnetic poetry and college, but it seems to go hand and hand. Your college student will love leaving cryptic poetry for their roommates, making up funny sentences with friends late at night, and getting a quick laugh when they pass by the refrigerator.

Ramen is a staple of college students' diets, and this handy cooker makes it even easier for them to make the meal. Send it along with a case of ramen, and you will make your college student's day...and month.

Rapid Ramen Cooker - Microwave Ramen in 3 Minutes - BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe - Black. The worlds fastest, healthiest and easiest way to cook ramen. Rapid Ramen eliminates all the hassles and only takes 4 minutes to prepare. Reusable and easy to use. Rinses out easily and is dishwasher safe. Heat and eat right out of the container. Cooks perfect ramen noodles in half the time. Patented reservoir design that provides perfect heat distribution. Only need to use half the seasoning. Easy to remove from the microwave. BPA free, non toxic. Cooks ramen noodles perfectly every time. Check out our other great products! Rapid Oatmeal Cooker - cooks old fashioned or instant oats in HALF the time! Rapid Mac - cook a whole box of mac and cheese in 5 minutes vs 20 minutes on the stove! Rapid Rice - cook instant/minute rice in just 3 minutes!

For a college student, getting this massive package of ramen in the mail will make it seem like spring break arrived early!

Go ahead, Top Ramen. Everyone has their own uniquely delicious way to top The Original instant ramen. Veggies. Chicken. Eggs. Hot sauce. A squirt of lime. Whatever you like. Or whatever's in the fridge. Ready in three minutes, there are endless ways to Top Ramen. Includes Simple Recipes With Chips Booklet By Variety Fun

Vintage Canvas Messenger Laptop Bag Crossbody Shoulder Carry on for Men Women School College Office Leather Messenger bag

• Ideal for 14-inch or smaller Laptop, Macbook ,etc. Inner walls of the laptop compartment are padded to provide extra cushioning to the device
• Can also additionally store files, books, smart phone, tablet, laptop charger, etc.
• Very spacious and keeps your stuff organized with 1 Big compartment and Multiple pockets.
• 2 Easy slide pockets on the front side. Two Small pockets on each sides of the bag. Pockets have easy magnetic closure with buckles for display only vintage looks.
• 1 Small Zippered pockets on the internal walls of the bag
• 1 Adjustable Strap with Max Length 55 Inches
• Dimensions: 14"(W) x 12"(H) x 5"(D)
•A Fair Trade Product Made from Canvas and Genuine Leather.

Rustic Town is connected with a number of Organizations within India which work to bring employment to artisans and keep alive traditional skills.

Do you have a college student who is heading into the crunch of finals? Make sure they stay energized with this fantastic assortment of snack foods. The snacks are perfect for taking to the library, grabbing on the way to class, and sharing with friends and dorm-mates.

This package is a great gift option for students, friends, family, or yourself! A high-quality, corrugated, Kraft, tab-locking, mailer box measured 13inches in length, 9.5inches in width, and 3inches in height. This package contains 45 items. Makes for a great gift! Perfect for college students, final exams, studying, birthdays, military personnel, holidays, special occasions, and more! Great value and great to even purchase for yourself! The CollegeBox mailer is closed, sealed and packaged inside of corrugated, kraft, shipping box for extra protection. Each Ultimate CollegeBox 45ct package includes: 3 Kirkland Chewy, 1 Rice Krispies, 1 Zee Zee's Bar, 3 Quaker Chewy, 1 Austin's PB Crackers, 1 Pringles, 6 Fun Dip, 7 Twizzlers, 3 Airheads, 6 Laffy Taffy, 2 Mott's Fruit Snacks, 2 Welch's, 2 Tree Top, 1 Goldfish, 1 PurePop, 1 Cheez-its, 1 Bugles, 1 Chex Mix, 1 Zee Zee's Grahams, 1 Famous Amos Cookies

Maybe you would rather help your college student look to the future, rather than just make it through their college years. This book is s hysterical read that is filled with great life lessons and advice to help your college student succeed beyond campus.

Every twentysomething needs a little black book of secrets. Our twenties are filled with confusion, terrible jobs, anticipation, disappointment, cubicles, break-ups, transition, quarter-life crisis, loneliness, post-college what the heck, moderate success sandwiched  between complete failure. We need a worn and weathered guide stashed somewhere close by to help shed some light on this defining decade.

That guide is this book.

Expanded from the blog post "21 Secrets for Your 20s" that spread like Internet wildfire with nearly a million readers in 190 countries, 101 Secrets for Your Twenties will encourage, inspire, prompt a plethora of LOLs, and kick-start your life forward with its witty, honest, and hilarious wisdom-stuffed pearls to help you rock life in your twenties.

This is the perfect gift for college graduation. Or the best Christmas present you can give to the 20-something in your life.

For everyone and anyone who is struggling through becoming an adult ... You need 101 Secrets for Your Twenties.

Hanging out on the quad has never been so easy or so cool with this easy-to-setup, high-quality hammock.

Happy Times is a brand for people looking for freedom and relaxation. Our single and double camping parachute hammocks are just one way to begin living your dream of travel or backyard enjoyment with friends and family. Whether it be hiking, backpacking, camping, sleeping, napping, or boating these indoor/outdoor lightweight nylon hammocks are essential accessories. We have several different colors including purple, pink, orange, green, black, gray, teal, red, silver, yellow, blue, camo which all make great gifts for kids, boys, girls, men, women, teens, college students, outdoorsmen and scouts. Even for glampers, these are great for travel trailer rv accessories, and cross country motorcycle trips! Find a tree, or any secure anchor, and our hammock with tree straps, paracords and carabiners are the perfect travel kit set for on the go enthusiasts. Easily convert your hammock into a swing chair for two to be used as a double hammock as it easily holds over 400 lbs. Parachute hammocks in a bag are great for indoor use too, like dorms and bedrooms too. Great quality as compared to any eno singlenest / doublenest, but priced with value well below their sale price. No need for a hammock stand frame when you have two trees for free. We provide all the ultralight hammock equipment to hang between two trees up to 18 feet apart! DonÕt worry about getting dirty or wet either because our hammocks are machine washable and mildew resistant.

Your search for the perfect stainless steel water bottle is finally over!

Enjoying a hot cup of coffee or ice cold glass of water on the go should be a simple pleasure, not fraught with hassles. That's why the Brimma Stainless Steel Water Bottle is the perfect water bottle to fill up with your favorite hot and cold beverage drinks before you hit the road.

The Brimma Stainless Steel Water Bottle was designed with the needs of active, busy people in mind. Weather you're at the office, gym, yoga, work, car, outdoors, hiking, camping, cycling, or school its important to stay hydrated. So if you're tired of luke warm bottled water then It's time for you to get our reusable portable thermos stainless steel bottle.

Enjoy Maximum Hydration With The Brimma 17 Oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle!

- Double Wall Vacuum Insulated

- 100% BPA Free

- Perfect 17 Ounce Size

- Super Lightweight And Durable

- Leak Proof

- Sweat Free And Condensation Free

- Fits Most Cup Holders

- Eco-Friendly

- Reusable

- Recyclable

LIFETIME GUARANTEED. If you're not completely thrilled with your purchase, you can return the bottle for a full refund. ANYTIME!

Experience the difference that having the best water bottle can make when you're on the go. CLICK THE "ADD TO CART" BUTTON NOW!!

Completely updated for the college student or reluctant cook of the '90s, this book offers even more mouthwatering dishes and a wide variety of vegetarian offerings. The recipes are explicitly described, complete with illustrations, cooking tips, and nutritional and health information.

Help keep your college student safe by giving them access to the full medicine cabinet they had at home.

First AID/OTC med kit for college students. Pharmacist designed for students new to self care. Unique combination of 60% medications/40% first AID supplies.

Loud roommates and noisy libraries are no match for these noise-cancelling headphones. With their wireless, bluetooth design, they are also perfect for working out, walking to class, and so many other moments when your student just wants to relax with some tunes.

Headphones on. World off.
Cowin E-7 wireless headphones are engineered to sound better, be more comfortable and easier to take with you. Put them on, and suddenly everything changes. Your music is deep, powerful and balanced, and so quiet that every note sounds clearer. Even air travel becomes enjoyable, as engine roar gently fades away. No matter how noisy the world is, it’s just you and your music—or simply peace and quiet.

Key Features
- Better by design. E-7 Headphones are lightweight with pillowy-like softness on the headband and protein ear cushions, while the earcups rotate for a fine-tuned fit.
- Music minus noise. Advanced active noise reduction technology quells airplane cabin noise, city traffic or a busy office. So you can focus more on what matters—your music, movies and videos.
- Frequent flyer's delight. Fly once with Cowin Bluetooth over-ear headphones, and chances are you’ll never fly without them again. They reduce airplane roar to a whisper. It is made for a happy quiet fly.
- True-to-life sound. Precise guitars. Clear vocals. Clean bass and crisp percussion. Discover sound quality that brings out the best in your music—including subtle details you may never have noticed. Guaranteed by COWIN proprietary high quality 40mm large-aperture drivers.

Impedence: 32Ω
S/N: ≥75dB
Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz
Power supply: Lithium battery or Micro USB cable Audio source: iPhone, iPad, Samgsung, Blackberry, Nexus, Smartphone, Computer, PC, Notebook, MP4, MP3, etc
Function spec: Bluetooth, Microphone, AUX, Active Noise Cancelling

What's in the box
Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone
Micro USB Cable
3.5mm Audio Cable
User Guide

Blow your college student's mind with not just a single delivery of amazingly tasty cookies, but one every month!

Not only is David's Cookie of the Month Club a unique gift idea for top corporate clients or kids away at school, but also you can get a subscription for the home and treat your family and yourself to monthly delivery of great gourmet cookies for months. Our online cookie club is so amazing, not just because of all the delicious food, but because the shipping is free and you can save over 25% off the retail price, delivered. With a 12-month membership of the two-pound size, you can treat your friends to fresh baked gifts, and treat yourself to over $125 in savings! Cookies ship out the first non-holiday Tuesday or Wednesday of the month. A gift message is included with the first shipment of cookies.