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Why our Garden Hose is Better!

You won't lose any more sleep over other cheap plastic hoses that leak or burst since our product is made of 100% brass fittings, high pressure resistant durable latex core hose and heavy duty fabric. We're always there when you need us!

When you purchase our Dignitree Collapsible 25 foot Garden Hose today here's what you should do.

When that cute little brown box from Amazon arrives at your door, rip it open safely the first chance you get. Take out your premium item and admire the beautiful design. You have in your hands the ultimate product for watering your lawn that will:

* Never Tangle, Twist, or Kink

* Extremely Flexible

* Lightweight

* Easy for storage

For the sake of your Sunday morning, buy only the best garden hose exclusively on Amazon - and you're looking at it right now!

It's because of this that we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our product and if you're not we will give you a 100% refund.

WARNING: the current price scheduled to increase in the next few weeks, so ORDER NOW to secure our current offer price and to avail the free limited bonus of the "The Birding Manual" eBook which provides over 700 pages of in-depth descriptions of every North American bird.

Gardening just got more relaxing with the GardenHOME 7-Piece Garden Tool set Including folding stool with tool bag. All-in-one set includes: 1. sturdy steel frame folding chair with polyester canvas seat; 2. fully-detachable storage tote with easy-access tool pockets on side; 3. Five great gardening tools constructed of stainless-steel heads and wood handles with holes for convenient hanging storage: ★ 1 trowel: for digging holes when planting, breaking up earth, mixing & transferring plants ★ 1 transplant tool: for transplanting small plants & flowers ★ 1 cultivator: for disturbing the soil in careful patterns, removing weeds & aerating soil with ease ★ 1 weeding fork: for removing weeds ★ 1 weeder: for removing weeds in tight spots Specification: folding stool size (13. 7x15. 35 in); tool heads: durable stainless steel with wooden handles: (9. 8 - 11 in) Product features: 1. Sturdy steel frame2. Light-weight and portable design3. Detachable polyester storage tote4. Stainless steel gardening tools with wood handles5. External pockets for easy tool access

Why suffer with cheap garden tools?

Why our Hori Hori Knife and Pruning Shears By Oakridge Garden Tools is superior to similar products:

- To get the job done properly in the garden or for metal detecting you need high quality gardening tools to do that. Our hori hori with hand guard and whetstone along with the pruning shears are comfortable to use and effective for gardening, planting, weeding, sawing, and digging that will last.

- Our 6 and 3/4inch Gardening Knife is the ideal landscaping tool made of high quality stainless steel to help get the job done for getting to weeds like dandelions, crab grass an other nuisances in the yard, a real woodsman pal. The pruners can be used for cutting small branches, roses, hedges, bonsais and vines. They both comes with their own nylon sheaths for easy storage.

- The pruning shears and hori hori knife are made to last through rigorous use for metal detecting , gardening. weeding, planting or whatever chore your doing with them..

- DIRECTIONS - Use our hori hori knife and pruning shears set wherever you need to do digging up a patch of grass for metal detecting, gardening in your yard , cutting branches, planting or pruning a bonsai.

We have a no hassle 100% guarantee refund policy. If you use our Hori Hori Knife and Pruning Shears and do not love it, simply return for a full refund, even used. Add one to your cart today, and consider picking up another as a gift for gardeners in your life!



- Are you tired of your hands getting dirty when you're gardening?
- Do you not wear gloves because you find it hard to grip things with them?
- Are you tired of thorns sticking you and liquids seeping through your gloves? ? Introducing your very own amazing garden gloves to the rescue ?- Palm & fingers coated with super water and liquid-resistant nitrile, providing superior grip!
- Features a durable nylon shell to keep the dirt and bugs out as well as add breathability!
- Easy to clean and one size fits most! ?

Amazon customers trust our products to be premium quality!

100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK! When You Order Now, you are protected by our no-hassle, no-risk money back guarantee! Limited Stock!

We cannot guarantee this 2 pack special pricing so be sure to click buy now!

As practical as it is attractive, the canvas tool apron from Esschert Design will protect your clothing and keep your tools right where you need them.

InSassy (TM) Garden Kneeler Kneeling Wave Pad offers the best comfort and protection for your knees whether you are gardening, bathing your baby or doing any chores that requires your knees to be on the floor. It is lightweight yet durable and wide enough to protect your knees from the elements. This is why the InSassy (TM) Garden Kneeler Kneeling Wave Pad is the best selling kneeler on the market today!

Made from High Density Foam and over 4/5 inch thick, the InSassy Garden Kneeler provides firm support yet soft and flexible enough for your knees. Exact Dimension of this Kneeler Wave Pad is 18" L x 8 1/4" W x 4/5" H which is the largest in the market today. Built-in handle slot makes it a breeze to carry around while you are gardening. What are you waiting for? Your knees will Thank You!

Available in 2 Sizes: Large - 18" L x 8 1/4" W x 4/5" H, Extra Large - 22" L x 11" W x 4/5" H, Largest & Thickest - 22" L x 11" W x 1 1/2" H

Available in 5 Gorgeous Colors: Green, Baby Blue, Purple, Pink and Orange

Your Purchase: Green, Large - 18" L x 8 1/4" W x 4/5" H

This is a 10-piece Gardening Tool Set with Zippered Detachable Tote and Folding Stool Seat with Backrest all-in-one.
The storage Detachable tote has easily accessible zippered openings, and it conveniently holds five metal garden tools on the exterior of the tote.
Garden tools are conveniently stowed in the outside pockets to be near at hand while other garden items can be stored in the attached zippered tote.
Conveniently holds five metal garden tools
Lightweight and portable Sturdy steel frame
Tool pockets on the exterior of the storage tote make them readily accessible when sitting in the seat .
Storage tote fully detaches from the bag for versatility


1 Folding Stool Seat with Backrest ,

One (1) detachable canvas (6000 denier) storage zippered tote,

five (5) metal garden tools (large trowel, small trowel, garden fork, rake and weeder),




Makes a perfect gift for those who love spending time in their garden.

Grow your own Cocktail Garden, perfect for the gardener who enjoys a tipple. A specially selected range of seeds to grow plants with an interesting variety of aromas to flavour and garnish your drinks. An award-winning mixologist has been commissioned and has created an exciting selection of original drink recipes which combine their taste and flavours to perfection. You don't need a lot of space to make a cocktail garden. You could dedicate a simple raised bed or integrate your cocktail plants into your garden borders. Alternatively, grow them in containers or pots on your patio or balcony. Inside the box you will find everything you need to start growing your Cocktail Garden. The kit contains the following varieties: 1 packet of Cucamelon seeds (add star quality to your cocktails with these grape sized 'water melons' that taste of cucumber but pack a zingy lime crunch) , 1 packet of Blue Borage seeds (starry blue flowers, Borage leaves smell and taste like cucumber and green melon, but look much more interesting), 1 packet of Lime Basil seeds (traditional flavour of basil with a crisp citrus note, a refreshing herb with a zesty bite - perfect for summer drinks), 1 packet of Hyssop seeds (flavour and aroma of sweet liquorice), 1 packet of Mint seeds (refreshing mint with its sweet sharp flavour is a must for the cocktail gardener) and 1 packet of Lemon Balm seeds (invigorating citrusy note, when crushed the leaves have a lingering fresh scent and a subtle lemon flavour). Also included in the box are: 6 starter growing pots made from peat 6 peat blocks which expand when watered 6 plant markers and Sowing and Growing Tips, plus 18 Original Cocktail Recipes! - Includes photographs of each cocktail and full instructions on how to make syrups from each variety.

Oprah's Favorite Thing 2015 Winner - When Oprah asks, we deliver. Our Herb Essentials Garden Jar Set features three self-watering herb kits - Basil, Parsley and Mint. Each mason jar is outfitted with a passive hydroponic system known as wicking, which brings water up to the plant's roots. Grow indoors on a sunny windowsill, then add to your favorite sauces, soups, salads and more. This kit is designed to be reused! Kit Includes: Organic Basil, Organic Parsley, and Non-GMO Mint Seeds, Quart Size Blue, Green & Pink Mason Jars, Stainless Steel Net Pot, Recycled glass Growing Medium and Coco Pith, Polypro Wick, Plant Nutrient Food , and Simple Growing Instructions. A must-have for aspiring gardeners, home chefs, jettsetters, organic-focused families, city dwellers and more! Garden Jars are made in the USA of US and non-US parts, and sub-assembled by agencies that service people with developmental disabilities, helping empower them to assume their rightful roles in society as productive, valued citizens in Chicago, IL.

This 9-Pc. Interchangeable Seasonal Yard Stake easily transitions from one season to the next. A fun decoration for your front lawn, it gives you 8 different signs for seamlessly switching between holidays, seasons or welcoming messages. Each plywood sign fits into place on top of the metal stand, surrounded by scroll details.

Flamingo Watering Can Decorative Elegant Pot For Indoor Outdoor House Plants Easy Pour Small Size Plastic 1.5L

Get Ready To Water Your Plants With Elegance with DecoDuke Pink Flamingo Watering Can!

+ ELEGANT FLAMINGO: Water your plants with elegance with this beautifully designed Pink Flamingo Watering Can!

+ ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: It is meticulously crafted with environmental friendly paint and designed with precise details to facilitate easy pouring!

+ BEAUTY WITH A PURPOSE: It adds beauty to wherever it sits whether it is your garden, deck or patio and also serves the purpose of watering plants with ease!

+ PERFECT GIFT: This is a perfect gift you can give for Gardening Lovers! "WOW" them with this unique piece of gardening ornament which is not available in stores!

Amazon Buyers Trust our DecoDuke Brand to be Highest Quality Watering Can In the Market!

You're also Backed by Our 100% No Questions Asked, No Hassle Money Back or Replacement Guarantee!

Package Includes:

1 * DecoDuke Flamingo Watering Can

We Cannot Guarantee This Special Discounted Pricing, So Be Sure to Order Now!

Glass Hinged Roof Terrarium Container. Beautiful black brass accent and ventilation. Great for growing micro-greens, succulents, air plants, moss, cacti and more. Modern Hinged Roof Terrariums are a great gift, housewarming gifts, and for small places. 5.9" x 5.1" x 11" Take DIY decorating to new heights with terrariums by D'Eco Home Décor. Bring new life to any space, perfect for accenting your coffee table or hanging your mini-oasis outdoors. Create a lush focal point and a great conversation piece to your home or office. Make a statement with this sleek sculptural terrarium in any space indoors or out.

The ideal outdoor lawn and garden decor for your gutters, this rain catcher chain is an attractive
alternative to traditional downspouts.

As the rain water flows from gutters, it gently travels down the linked chain to fill and
gently overflow six miniature pails displaying an attractive butterfly design.

As the water travels down the rain catcher, it creates a cascading waterfall that is as
pleasing to watch as it to listen.

Ideal outdoor accent to transform gutter downspouts into a beautiful water feature along the gutters of homes,
garages or shops.

Finished in an earthy copper patina for lasting beauty and sheen. Holds up to winds and heavy rainfalls.

Add a marine twist to your garden with this Turtle Stepping stone from Sunset Vista. Cast iron Stepping Stone is 13-Inch long and 10-Inch wide. Sunset Vista Designs has everything under the sunset to decorate your home and garden.

Our copper-finished Wind Spinner is a unique piece of outdoor decor for your lawn or garden. Sculpture may rotates in the breeze. The twisted cage holds 3 iridescent marbles with 1 additional marble that swings from a metal chain. This copper toned Wind Spinner comes ready to hang.

These plastic plant tags are waterproof and will not brittle and snap like most plastic tags. They will not rot as wooden tags do either. They don't rust like metal tags. And best of all they are short enough to fit in a mini green house or humidity dome.
100% Brand new and high quality
Durable, plastic plant labels or tags.
Easily cleaned with household cleaner for reuse.
All labels are UV resistant with a matte finish.
"UV Resistant" makes the label last as long as possible.
The "Matte Finish" makes the labels easy to write on with a permanent marker or a pencil on either side.
Material: Plastic
Size: Approx. 2.36"x3.94" inch(6 x10 cm)(L*W)
100 x Gardening Labels
1 x Marker Pen

Mezcla aleatoria de Early Late Single y Doble Tulipanes Flores, esta mezcla se para más de 60 días. El Rainbow de colores en esta mezcla se añade el toque perfecto a tu jardín este primavera. 18\"-20\" Tall Blooms Mid Spring 12/+ cm Zona de 2 - 8 Triumph: Medio Altura y entretiempo Blooming en una gran selección de colores, hacen que estos tulipanes de una de las variedades más populares. Tallo tienen un fuerte que puede contener hasta bien bajo condiciones de viento. Su altura hace que sea una excelente elección para interior de obligar a así como corte de las flores. Cuando a Plant sus bombillas de Tulip para un colorido Jardín Next Spring: bombillas de octubre a diciembre; Tulip bombillas puede realmente ser equipado hasta Navidad y todavía flores perfectamente bien en la siguiente primavera, ya que sólo necesita un corto temporada de crecimiento.

Grandma's Garden Novelty Metal Sign. Colorful graphics on heavy duty carbon steel available for both indoor and outdoor applications.