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Do you know someone who suffers from migraines and cluster headaches?  It has been proven that a holistic approach helps reduce the number of episodes and their intensity.  Put together a gift basket of some of these remedies for your friend or loved one.  They will thank you for it! 

Migrastil Migraine Stick brings safe relief for migraines and headaches. A small amount applied to the temples, forehead and back of the neck at the first signs of pain can bring quick relief - faster acting than pills and capsules. Migraine Stick can also bring relief for the nausea that often accompanies migraines.  This is a great option for people with sensative stomachs.  

Experience Soothing Relief and Deep Relaxation Like Never Before!

NeckZEN Premium Neck & Shoulder Revitalizer is the most comprehensive neck support system available. It was designed to gently stretch and relax the neck and shoulder muscles and improve cervical spinal posture. It can take pressure off painful and stiff joints, relieve pain and tension, and improve mobility.

Key features:

1. Fast, Safe & Convenient: Feel relief in as little as 5 - 15 minutes. Use anytime, anywhere to quickly rest, relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Hypoallergenic.

2. Scientifically & Ergonomically Designed: The Neck Revitalizer cradles and supports the head in a unique way. It gently suspends and floats the head and neck and results in an incredibly relaxing and soothing sensation.

3. Total Relaxation System: Includes: Neck Revitalizer for exceptional support and comfort; Memory Foam Eye Mask for enhancing the relaxation experience; Tranquility Ear Plugs for peace and quiet (2 sets); Detailed instructions and tips.

4. Premium Quality & Attention To Detail: The Neck Revitalizer is made of strong and durable material with an Ultra Comfort Foam Pillow. The Eye Mask is made of Soft Memory Foam with eye socket cavities and nose bridge. The Ear Plugs are pliable and foam tapered for ultimate fit and comfort.

5. Versatility: Light, sturdy and portable. Use while travelling, working at the computer, reading, resting, meditating, doing yoga, watching TV and more!

By using NeckZEN for just a few minutes each day, you'll be able to experience the amazing benefits mentioned above.


- The product is not to be used while sleeping or when driving a motor vehicle.

- If you experience any pain or difficulty with using this device, stop and consult your healthcare professional.

- This product is not a medical device. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Doctor approved Aculief provides pressure to the acupressure point located on your hand between your thumb and forefinger. This self treatment technique has been used for thousands of years as one of the most effective acupressure points for immediate Headache and Pain Relief while restoring your body's natural flow of energy! Acupressure to the LI4 point works to relieve imbalances throughout the body and restore your natural life energy. Aculief has been designed to apply this pressure consistent with Acupuncture Techniques without the down time.

WellPatch Migraine Cooling Patch provides immediate cooling therapy to relieve discomfort associated with migraines, headaches, fever and even menopausal hot flashes.

MigraineX Consumer Proven Barometric Relief Ear Device 1 pack. Reduces intensity, duration and discomfort of migraine symptoms. ATTENTION MIGRAINE SUFFERERS - BE PREPARED Introducing the MigraineXTM App for iPhone and Android Users Forecasts and Alerts Focusing on Barometric Pressure Changes that Trigger Migraine Attacks. The MigraineXTM free app will Provide a 48 hour forecast of barometric changes in your area Graphical charts for easy viewing of data Tabular data for analysis of barometric data The MigraineXTM App with Alerts will provide all of the above PLUS: Full 7-day forecast, the free version only has 48 hours Alerts on your phone to changes forecast 7 days away and within 24 hours, no need to manually check the app! Go to to DOWNLOAD the MigraineXTM free app for iPhone and Android Users

You know that your migraine isn't just a headache. But you may not know that migraine actually is a neurological disease. Affecting one in five women, one in twenty men, and one in twenty children, it's a debilitating, complex, and chronic condition that manifests in a combination of symptoms that can include excruciating head pain as well as other distinctive physical and emotional effects. Yet it's also a disease that you can get control of, improve, and manage, as Dr. Carolyn Bernstein has discovered in her seventeen years as a Harvard Medical School faculty member and practicing neurologist.

Praised for her excellence and compassion, the founder of the Women's Headache Center near Boston, and a migraine sufferer herself, Dr. Bernstein has helped hundreds of her patients get better. Now, with The Migraine Brain, the most comprehensive, up-to-the-minute book on migraines ever written, you will be able to do the same -- reduce the frequency and intensity of your migraines, learn how to prevent and curtail them and how to recover from them more quickly, and mitigate migraine's effects on every aspect of your life: in the workplace and at home and during sex and travel. Every migraine is different because everyone who gets a migraine has a distinctive "Migraine Brain" with its own sensitivities and triggers. That's why it's so important for you to develop a personalized wellness plan to radically reduce the number and severity of your migraines.

Dr. Bernstein also explains why migraines happen, why they are so often misdiagnosed, and why so few people get the right treatment for them. She reveals the latest research that shows that Migraine Brains share a hypersensitivity to stimuli -- the Migraine Brain can actually look different from others on a brain scan -- and is more likely to experience a cascade of neurological reactions that give rise to the common clusters of migraine symptoms. This breakthrough medical knowledge makes treatment and recovery possible with new migraine-specific drugs as well as with complementary treatments such as yoga, biofeedback, and an exercise regimen.

With the extraordinarily thorough recommendations of The Migraine Brain in your hands, you will be fully equipped with all the latest information you need to understand migraines and to help your family and co-workers understand that migraine isn't just a headache: it's a serious, yet treatable disease.

Relief of pain, muscle aches, Tiger. Balm in liquid form. Help relieve back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, abdominal pain or cramps. For a wide area of pain.
Seizure relief. Carsick seasick dizziness, nasal congestion due to colds and makes breathing easier. Apply rub massage relief. Muscle aches, joint pain and stiffness, cramps line. Massage and rub the area to breathe.

1 Jar of 30g / 1.05 Oz

High Quality Product of Tiger Balm Thailand

Ingredients: 25% Camphor, 10% menthol, 7% Cajuput oil, 6% mint oil, 5% Clove oil, 5% Cassia oil
Made in Thailand

Imagine that you are lying in a warm, bubbling bath. Do you feel the heat soothing your pain and stress away? Now close your eyes and imagine a freezing cold, icy bath. Do you feel a reduction in swelling and muscle tension? FOMI Care moldable Gel Bead Eye Mask utilizes technology which reduces pain associated with aches and pains. The healing gel retains and slowly releases hot or cold temperatures, and molds to skin to heal and treat wounds. The FOMI gel bead pack is a toxic free, premium quality product which penetrates wounds, reduces inflammation, decreases stress, and provides a healing path for pain management. The gel pack stays pliable during treatment while providing instant pain relief to treat fever, bruises, sprains, strains, and swelling. Recommended by Physical Therapists and Sports Trainers. So relax, freeze or warm a FOMI gel eye mask, close your eyes, and soak in the healing energy. Live your life. Leave the healing process to us.

NATURAL HEALING: Sometimes your body needs an extra push to stimulate the natural healing process. FOMI's Gel Bead Eye Mask molds to your face, creating a safe, healing environment and allowing the body's natural healing to get to work. The firm gel hold deeply penetrates your wounded or inflamed area and allows for the natural healing process to begin.

HEALING Gel: The FOMI gel pack is a must-have for pain relief, injury treatment, and relaxation. Don't settle for a smaller or lighter Hot/Cold Pack.

Our Peppermint Headache Balm helps relieve all types of headaches, from cluster to migraine. Our unique blend of essential oils relaxes the tension in muscles and nerves. Peppermint Essential Oil has the ability to naturally inhibit muscle contractions and helps stimulate blood flow to the forehead. Lavender Essential Oil induces relaxation and relieves tension and stress, working as a calming agent. Marjoram Essential Oil helps dilate the blood vessels, increasing blood flow throughout the body which allows the body to heal overworked muscles faster. Myrrh Essential Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and has uplifting, balancing, and calming effects. Rosemary Essential Oil has stimulating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It has a calming effect and improves personal orientation and alertness. Eucalyptus Essential Oil eliminates nasal buildup and clears your airways, alleviating the sinus tension that leads to a headaches or migraines. It also refreshes and stimulates the brain, clearing mental exhaustion and fatigue. Basil works as a muscle relaxant, so it is especially helpful for headaches caused by tension and tight muscles.

Attain At-Home Pain Relief With Acupoint's Acupressure Mat

The practice of lying on a bed of nails as a means to alleviate bodily pain dates back to thousands of years ago.

Once a well-kept secret, acupressure mats are now taking the Western world by storm.

At Acupoint, we have come up with the best acupressure mat you could ever have, to help you enjoy fast relief from pain, gain back your mobility and improve your quality of life, with unprecedented comfort and ease.

Choose Acupressure

Here's just a primer on acupressure's colossal health benefits:

• Targeted Pain Relief: Increases blood circulation in pained areas & promotes innate production of beneficial hormones, which release blockages & allay pain,coccydynia and other coccyx issues as well as all types of lower and upper back pain with unknown origin or herniated disc pain. The mat can improve pinched nerve pain in your neck or back;

• Muscle & Joint Tension Release: Stimulates nerve function and restores balance in muscle and joint functions, unleashing bottled up tension, naturally increasing your mobility & range of motion;

• Improved Mood, Libido, Sleep & Weight Loss Results: Acupressure points activate the parasympathetic nervous system, calming symptoms of stress & anxiety. Naturally decreasing cortisol levels & restoring balance in your "qi" energy, acupressure helps advance your weight loss goals & boost your libido.

20 Minutes To Pain Relief

That's how much it takes to sustain long-term freedom from pain.

Use our mat for reflexology massaging, stand barefoot on it while watching TV and take your very own bed of nails on the go and benefit from pain relief, while traveling!

Mat Dimensions: 68 x 42 x 2 cm

Pillow Dimensions: 37 x 15 x 10

Don't Waste Another Minute!

Click Add To Cart NOW, Before We Run Out Of Stock!

Revs is simply an abbreviation for Revitalise Your Sole. Revs is an exclusive brand, by Kenkoh Europe Ltd. Revs specialises in Reflexology Massage Footwear, with the aim of providing you with an effective, comfortable, supportive massage shoe and insole, suitable for all occasions, and all ages and stages in life. Whether you are a sport fanatic or prefer a more leisurely pace to life, or have specific ailments you are looking to target Revs shoes & Insoles offer you a natural healing therapy. Key Features: A) The Reflexology Massage Insole: The natural rubber nodules consist of varying heights & widths to target each & every reflex in your feet. By stimulating these reflexes it will help to improve nerve & blood supply, & promote circulation, helping to prevent or alleviate many health problems, in a natural way. Revs provides you with a daily reflexology foot massage, giving you an easy & effective way to help you remove congestion & toxic waste from your body. The Revs foot massage cleanses & rebalances your body making you feel healthier & happier. 2) The materials for Revs have been chosen for their durability, comfort & quality. The nodules are designed to sit within the shape & contours of the feet so every organ, gland & muscle they correspond to within your body are stimulated. The insole also offers shock absorbing qualities, & soft cushioning, excellent for relieving cold, or painful, tired feet & legs. People who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Pronantion problems, Diabetes & Neuropathy, Swollen Feet & Legs have benefited from wearing Revs. 3) Arch Support: The slight biomechanical orthotic arch supports flat feet & fallen arches, & helps to align the position & function of the feet & lower limbs, off-loading pressure & pain. Suitable for any shoe, they are made from material that is easily cut so you can shape it to suit your shoes. You can also cut the insole to fit your shoe size.